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When Is a Sinus Lift the Best Treatment Option?

People associate many words with dentistry, but “sinuses” usually isn’t one of them.

The sinuses are air-filled cavities. People have two maxillary sinuses, one on each side of the face. However, they’re also near the back of the upper jaw, which is why dentistry comes into play.

Caesar Sweidan, DDS, and Laura Smith, DDS, offer the best specialty dental care available in the Biloxi, Ocean Springs, and Gulfport, Mississippi, areas. An advanced treatment at Gulf Coast Periodontics & Implants involves sinus lift therapy.

Here’s what you need to know about sinus lift procedures and when it could be a promising treatment option for you.

The goal of a sinus lift

The words “sinus lift” often conjure thoughts of plastic surgery. However, the purpose of this procedure is quite different.

Instead, the goal of the sinus lift is to create a healthier jawbone near the maxillary sinus, usually to support a dental implant

Dr. Sweidan or Dr. Smith makes a small opening in the upper palate during a sinus lift. Then, they gently lift the sinus cavity enough to insert a bone graft

Dr. Sweidan or Dr. Smith completes the procedure by closing the opening they made in the tissue. You may have some minor swelling or bleeding, but it usually fades within a day or two.

Once the graft heals, you have enough healthy jawbone to support a dental implant. The process often takes 4-12 months

Who needs a sinus lift?

Patients usually need a sinus lift if they don’t have enough jawbone tissue in the upper back of the mouth to support an implant. That can occur for several reasons.

People sometimes have a structural issue present from birth that affects the jawbone. In other cases, it develops because of health conditions like cancer.

However, a leading cause of thin or lost jawbone is periodontal disease.

Periodontal — or gum — disease describes a severe infection in your mouth, specifically the soft tissue. Without treatment, this serious condition causes the bone supporting your teeth to deteriorate, which increases your chances of tooth loss.

Unfortunately, ignoring missing teeth makes things even worse. Not only will the sinuses naturally expand into the open areas, but the jaw will continue losing density, putting you at risk of losing even more teeth. 

When to consider a sinus lift

Dr. Sweidan and Dr. Smith can help determine if a sinus lift is your best treatment option.

During your consultation, they perform a comprehensive exam, along with digital X-rays and a CT scan. These diagnostic tools enable Dr. Sweidan and Dr. Smith to capture precise bone density measurements.

Generally, people with less than 4-6 millimeters of bone height at the back of the upper jaw can benefit from a sinus lift.

However, Dr. Sweidan and Dr. Smith can clearly explain the potential treatment options based on your unique condition.

Do you have periodontal disease, missing teeth, or concerns about oral health? Call 228-868-9615 or request a consultation online today to learn more about your treatment options at Gulf Coast Periodontics & Implants in Gulfport, Mississippi.

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