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3 Benefits of Crown Lengthening To Enhance Your Smile

Whether your dentist recommends crown lengthening as part of a restorative dentistry procedure or to reduce the appearance of a gummy smile, this procedure comes with numerous benefits. Read on to learn more.
May 8th, 2023

Meet Our Newest Provider: Dr. Laura Smith

Are you looking for a talented and committed periodontist? Laura Smith, DDS, is committed to saving natural teeth. But, when that’s not an option, you can trust her to offer the most advanced solutions to restore your oral health.
Apr 10th, 2023

Why Would I Need a Biopsy During My Dental Exam?

People often think of cleanings and cavities when heading to their routine dental appointments. However, these exams are also essential for spotting other oral health issues, such as cancer. Keep reading to see when a biopsy could come into play.
Mar 7th, 2023

Am I a Candidate for a Sinus Lift?

Sinus lift surgery may have you thinking of your nose, but this procedure actually involves your jawbone. And, more specifically, it’s performed to help a patient get a dental implant. Read on to learn more.
Feb 9th, 2023

Here Are the Telltale Symptoms of Gum Recession

Gum recession may not sound like a big deal, but it means your gum tissue is wearing away and putting you at risk of tooth loss. Here are the top things to watch for so you can get treatment and avoid complications.
Jan 1st, 2023

How Smoking Impacts Your Oral Health

Most people know smoking is bad for their lung health. But, did you know it affects your oral health, too? If you need extra help kicking your tobacco habit once and for all, do it for your smile.
Dec 9th, 2022

What Can I Do About My Chronic Bad Breath?

It’s normal to wake up with a case of “morning breath” or have especially fragrant breath after a garlicky lunch. But, if you struggle with persistent bad breath despite regular brushing, your mouth is trying to tell you something.
Nov 1st, 2022

Why an Ulcer in Your Mouth Might Need a Biopsy

When thinking about oral health, issues like cavities, gum disease, and missing teeth are usually the first things that come to mind. However, you can develop other issues, such as sores and ulcers, and sometimes they can be a cause for concern.
Oct 5th, 2022

Can I Prevent Gum Recession?

People spend lots of time talking about fighting tooth decay and gum disease, but what about gum recession? This common issue can also put your teeth at risk. However, there are things you can do to help avoid the problem.
Sep 7th, 2022