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If periodontal disease or tooth loss takes its toll on your upper jaw, sinus lift treatment can restore lost bone. With this firm foundation in your jaw, you can proceed with dental implant procedures to replace your missing teeth. At Gulf Coast Periodontics & Implants we offer comprehensive restoration solutions, from gum recession treatment and periodontal maintenance to sinus lift and dental implants. Call the Gulfport, Mississippi, office to book a consultation now.

Sinus Lift Q&A

What is sinus lift?

Sinus lift is a surgical procedure to restore bone in the top part of your jaw, near your upper premolars and molars. The bone grafting material may come from another part of your body, from a donor, or from animal sources. 

Alternatively, the bone graft may be a lab-made material that works just like natural bone within your body. A sinus lift is so named because the bone grafting material goes into a space between your upper jaw and maxillary sinuses.

When might I need a sinus lift procedure? 

If you have missing teeth in your upper jaw but lack the bone density to hold dental implants in place, you may need a sinus lift procedure. There are several reasons that you may lack adequate bone height in this area, but the most common is bone deterioration following tooth loss. 

Periodontal disease causes both gum recession and bone deterioration, so it's a common reason to need a sinus lift procedure as well. 

Facial anatomy can also play a role. For instance, some people have naturally large maxillary sinuses that are quite close to the upper jaw, a problem that may require a sinus lift to make space for a dental implant.

What is the process for a sinus lift?

Before a sinus lift, you have digital radiography (X-rays) to assess the bone in your jaw. You also typically have a specialized CT scan to precisely measure jaw density. 

These imaging tests help your periodontist to plan the sinus lift and dental implant procedures with the highest accuracy and precision.

At Gulf Coast Periodontics & Implants, an advanced approach called piezoelectric treatment uses ultrasonic vibrations to precisely perform the bone procedure without damaging your soft tissues. 

The bone grafting material goes into a newly created small opening in your upper palate bone. After closing the gums, your procedure is complete. 

When can I get dental implants after a sinus lift procedure?

In some cases, you may get dental implant posts at the same time as your sinus lift. In other situations you need a few months of healing time, allowing new bone to grow and stabilize your jaw, before you can get your dental implants. 

The Gulf Coast Periodontics & Implants specialists recommend the restorative dentistry options that suit your personal needs so you can enjoy the very best outcome. To find out what sinus lift can do for you, reach out to the office by phone now.